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  • Increasing the degree of involvement of the University in social practice and improvement of its prestige.
  • Continual modernization of the education process in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology in order to promote education methods adapted to the requirements of change and increased efficiency of Romanian society.
  • Implementing university management, based on modern quality requirements, compatible with the education system  and research process
  • Modernization of the training and employment system of the personnel involved in the education and research process.
  • Development of scientific research adapted to a high level quality in education, through participation in national and international funding competitions.
  • Development and continuous support for national and international cooperation.
  • Evaluation and promotion process for professors and researchers is based on didactic and scientific competence criteria, at the same time observing the professional ethics principles.
  • Protecting the legacy and developing the infrastructure of the University of Bucharest.
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