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  • Molecular biology laboratories: hood cabinets for DNA/RNA extraction, PCR hoods, thermocyclers, automated sequencers, Real-Time PCR, nucleic acid extraction workstation, nucleic acid electrophoresis etc.
  • Animal cell culture laboratories: sterile areas; laminar flow hoods; CO2 incubators, direct and reverse mode microscopes equipped with epifluorescence systems, photo and video digital cameras and adequate software, confocal microscope, micro-dissection microscope, freezers -20/-96oC; liquid nitrogen containers; wet and dry sterilizers; cooling centrifuges; thermoregulated baths; orbital shaking incubators; water purification station MilliQ System etc.
  • Biochemistry laboratory: spectrophotometers UV/VIS, spectrofluorimeter, multi-detection plate reader from TECAN, cooling centrifuges, microcentrifuges, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis instruments, image processing system with transluminator UV/VIS, pH-meters, thermoregulated baths, stirring systems, ultrasonication systems, DNA/RNA/protein transfer system, homogenizers, cell ultrafiltration, HPLC and FPLC purification systems, etc.
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