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RENAR Accredited Laboratory.

Laborator acreditat RENAR

Laboratory activities:

• Carrying out genotyping analyses on animals of economic interest.

• Developing genotyping methods for animals of economic interest, in conformity with European and international standards for quality assurance.

• Carrying out genotyping analyses on horses, for central authorities and other government entities regarding the export of equines.

• Participating in programs of inter-laboratory testing at an international level and maintaining connections with specific institutions in other countries.

• Ensuring quality of measurements performed through the elaboration and maintenance of a quality system at international standards regarding laboratory accreditation.

• Ensuring the implementation of the quality assurance and quality control systems (QA/QC), in conformity with the ISO 17025/2005 standards.

• Ensures the training, on demand, of specialists in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, by organizing post-graduate courses.

• Facilitates the access of specialists to technical data in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology.

• Participates in the establishment of centers for refresher/training courses in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, in conformity with the law.

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